ERIN Engineering and Research, Inc.

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ERIN Engineering and Research, Inc. is the premier nuclear safety and reliability consulting firm in the world. For more than 25 years, our staff of experts has established a proven track record of providing practical solutions to even the most complex needs of our clients. ERIN stands as the leading provider of probabilistic risk assessment (PRA) consulting services to the nuclear power industry.

ERIN's strength lies in our comprehensive understanding of client needs. The foundation of our corporate capability is providing support to our clients with full appreciation of:

  • Regulatory requirements and policy implications,
  • Research developments in nuclear safety and risk analysis, and
  • The day-to-day and long-term risk management needs of our clients.

As nuclear energy emerges as an important component of the long-term energy supply for the world, ERIN's engineering and software solutions continue to meet the industry's need to cost-effectively provide safe, reliable clean energy. In addition, our services and software have contributed to the substantial increase in nuclear energy capacity in the U.S. by supporting plant power uprates and renewal of plant licenses, reducing outage complexity and duration, and avoiding unnecessary plant shutdowns.

It is our understanding of the interrelationship of nuclear safety and plant reliability, combined with a business philosophy rooted in enhancing effectiveness through partnership, that sets ERIN apart from the rest.